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Hinged doors

Hinged doors

Our Crimsafe hinged security doors bolster a defensive design that is perfect for any homeowner. These doors are secured by three hinges that give them the extra stability that is needed to keep unwanted visitors out.

As with all Crimsafe products, these doors are designed with maximum security in mind. They have a three-point locking mechanism that makes it very hard for professional burglars to break in.

Thanks to its standard single pin key locking handle feature, the diamond grill barrier door, for instance, is designed to meet your security expectations – if not surpass them.

The door is 7 mm thick, making it really hard to break into and, therefore, able to keep out uninvited guests.

For this reason, they are ideal for any small or large family looking to keep their home safe. Their design forms an incredibly strong barrier that gives them an edge over other similar products in the market. 

Granted, the diamond grille barrier door should not be a second option when looking to beef up your security and boost your home’s appearance without breaking the bank.