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S- Fold Curtains

S- Fold Curtains

Have you always wanted to have shading in your home window but never liked the look of a traditional curtain? 

Then this S-Fold/Sheer Curtain is for you! With them, you can enjoy the benefits of both 100% privacy and complete light control. 

You can also use them in your bedroom to make your sleep environment as cozy and dark as you want it. Add a touch of elegance to your home with these beautiful S-Fold/sheer curtains.

Featuring a unique design that allows them to be opened and closed with just one hand, they’ll change your whole living space. Choose from our extensive range of fabrics and styles to fit any window. 

The S-Fold feature is perfect for apartments and houses, as it helps to keep the light inside and reduces the glare. 

The curtain is made from high-quality materials which do not need ironing or dry cleaning. 

Not sure what type of pleated curtain is suitable for your space? Our expert staff is more than happy to help you find the perfect set that matches your preferences and style.

  • Wide range of textures and fabrics to choose from
  • Mix and match combo with shutters or roller blinds
  • Custom made to your preferred style and specifications