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Stained Basswood Shutters

Stained Basswood Shutters

Every home needs a bit of character. Stained basswood shutters are simple, beautiful, and affordable. 

To make your home a little more personal, we offer a stained color style. 

The gorgeous wood grains are perfect for a classic or modern look. 

Nothing shouts “classic architecture” more than the distinctive look of natural wood-stained shutters. Our vast range of colors is perfect for any modern and traditional home. 

In either case, they will add the perfect touch to your home. They’re the ideal choice for homeowners looking for high-quality timber window shutters made from basswood.

No matter what your home style is, you’ll find the perfect shutters for your house. 

Not only stylish but also durable and energy-efficient. 

With our wide selection of colors and wood types, you can create a look that suits your taste. 

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, choose from a variety of options to match your home’s exterior or landscaping—or better yet, pick up one of our custom designs. 

  • Easy clean
  • Energy efficient
  • Light control
  • Custom fit to any window
  • Lasting strength and durability
  • Variety of Stained or Painted coats available